We have worked with all our suppliers to ensure there is the best possibility of travel to our chosen destination, the United States, next year in April. The area of the US that we are visiting, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah, has much lower rates of infection than the rest of the country, however, there may still be guidelines and restrictions in place at the time of travel which we must follow.

As things currently stand, local guidelines require the wearing of masks on public transport and at airports, along with partial restrictions on capacity in some venues and restaurants. Due to the nature of our itinerary, these restrictions will only have a minimal impact on our time in country.

For the latest advice around travel to the US, and specifically Nevada, Arizona, and Utah, please see the links below:

As with most countries across the world, the rules are changing on a regular basis in line with the rate of infections and the vaccination status, and this is no different for the US. We, along with our partner agency, will be monitoring the situation in the US as well as the UK and will notify you of any restrictions that may impact our ability to travel as we get closer to the date of departure.

If at any point pre-travel you have any concerns or questions around travel and the implications of COVID-19, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Roz Harris at